Processed meat products comprise one of the major sources of sodium in the form of sodium chloride. Salt has an essential function in meat products in terms of flavour, texture and shelf-life. Apart from lowering the level of salt added to products there are a number of solution we as SALT Minerals can offer to reduce the sodium content in processed foods. Our ultimate goal  is to offer solutions to reduced sodium meat products that consumers can enjoy as part of an ongoing healthier diet and lifestyle. 


Function of Sodium Chloride in meat:

In general, the functions of sodium chloride in meat are summarized as:

• Sensory effect by imparting flavor 

• Microbial stability 

• Solubilisation of the functional myofibrillar proteins 


• Potassium Chloride: The replacement of salt with potassium chloride does not result in any significant production disadvantages but has an adverse impact on the flavor and the microbial stability once the substitution level rises above 30 -50% of sodium chloride

• Replacement of sodium containing ingredients (e. g. Sodiumlactate) with the corresponding potassium minerals (e. g. Potassiumlactate)

•  Mineral Salts (K/Mg/Ca): meat prepared with this solution were found to be comparable to regular meat products up to a level of 25-50% replacement



We as SALT Minerals are experts in regards of sodium replacement and we have developed different options to reduce the sodium content