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A healthier life thanks to lower
intake of salt (sodium)


For years, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended that each individual requires only 5g salt (sodium chloride) per day. In the developed world we typically consume 12 g salt and that is far too much. With more than 70% of our daily sodium uptake coming from processed goods so it is clear that the food industry has an obligation to help consumers reduce the sodium content of their diet. This target cannot be achieved by consumers reducing table salt alone.

Sodium reduction strategies in modern food is of increasing importance. Although salt gains importance in terms of preserving the microbiological properties of foods as well as enhancing the sensory properties, it has negative effects on the human health.

We sell a comprehensive range of sodium reduced salt products for food applications. Our ultimate goal  is to offer solutions to food industry that consumers can enjoy as part of an ongoing healthier diet and lifestyle.


Low-Sodium Solutions