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Specialty Fertilizers & Plant Care

Specialty Fertilizer

Grow better crops with our added-value fertilizers


The increase in demand for high-efficiency fertilizers, rather than standard NPK fertilizers, is projected to drive the next stage in the growth of the fertilizer markets.

Our Biopowder PS is a highly-concentrated Potassium Sulphate for use with chlorine-free crops in agriculture and horticulture. In particular, producers of organic-mineral fertilizers rely on this natural product which is of organic origin.

Our Biopowder PBC is a top of the class Potassium Bicarbonate which is used as a bio-fungicide in ecological farming. It is e.g. effective against powdery mildew and Botrytis on grapevines.

So we offer top of the class rang of products for modern, sustainable plant fertilization and production products. 

Organic Fertilizers & Plant Care

Mineral Fertilizers