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Metallurgy and Metal Surface Treatment

Metal Surface

Surface treatment and galvanization with mineral salts

Magnesium based additives provide more effective corrosion protection of metals than coatings without magnesium. A coating with Saltosil-MCD is crucial as it leads to a dense, stable and durable layer across the entire surface and edges of the steel. Potassium salts play an important role in metallurgic processes. Potassium Chlorides are used for surface treatment and galvanizing, as hardening and soldering salts and drossing fluxes in foundry chemistry. A mix of Potassium and Sodium salts are important aluminium recycling smelting fluxes.

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In weak acidic solutions for electro-galvanizing Potassium chloride is used as a conducting salt. Clearly, this helps to achieve higher voltage, thereby reducing the immersion time of the galvanized parts.