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The success of mixed blending of different substances and substrates lies in the precise control of all parameters: particle size, density, viscosity, temperature and many more. We adhere exactly to your specifications by analyzing and controlling all necessary parameters. In our portfolio we only the keep the top of the class minerals for your special demand. Our team has a deep knowledge about the physical and chemical characteristics and will help you with our request. 

We as SALT Minerals are experts for production of mineral based blends for food, feed and industrial applications

What we do there:

  • Grinding 
    • Even difficult materials can be grinded
    • Metal detection and separation in place
    • Safety sieves in place
    • Blending 
    • Vertical Screw blenders for a gentle mix
    • Metal detection and separation in place
    • Safety sieves in place
    • Sieving
    • Packing and repacking 
    • Heatsealed PE bags or according to customers needs
    • All dedicated for food application


    • BRC grade A
    • Kosher (durch uns)


    • Close to Eindhoven
    • Close to the ports of Antwerp + Rotterdam 
    • Very good logistics for imports & exports
    • Close to the big food manufacturers

Production site -some figures:

    • Ca. 1000 m² storage for raw materials and finished goods + external storage close by
    • 20 employees
    • Experience for more than 10 years
    • New blender for rising volumes in 2022
    • We can un-/load containers and regular trucks


Coating of minerals is one of the most complex processes especially when thin layers are needed. We keep a long history and deep knowledge about the challenges and needs for coated minerals.

Please ask our team how we can help you with your specific topic.