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small mechanical parts

CTG – Chemical Treated Glas

Excellent Flexural and physical Strength -
at least 6 times better than floated glas in external applications

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CTG-Product Line

CTG or is chemically toughened glass treated with our CTG product line  creates compressive stress on the surface (up to 500MPa) and  increases the resistance to temperature fluctuations and to impact and shock, also increasing flexural strength. CTG treated with our CTG product line disintegrates into large pieces when breaking. Glass that has been chemically toughened is usually about six to nine times the strength of float glass.


We as SALT Minerals are experts on the development of suitable minerals for the bath of potassium chloride or nitrate, without anti-caking. We used our more than 10 years of experience in these industry to develop specific solutions for the specifics of the CTG bath production process (selected minerals with low levels of Lithium and Calcium).

CTG-Product Line