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Our Transglutaminase is a series of functional compounds designed to contribute protein-based food products with better functions such as improving texture, binding ability, reducing cost and improving yield. It allows food manufacturers to standardize raw materials, improve product quality, and create new products with higher value, leading to greater opportunity of business success.

Delivering high quality products on a “Consistent Basis” is our first priority. Our Transglutaminase therefore offers a better solution for your success in value creation.

How does Transglutaminase work?

Transglutaminase is an enzyme with the ability to cross-link proteins through the formation of covalent bonds between Glutamine (Gln) and Lysine (Lys). The binding result is stable and maintained during cooking, freezing, and slicing. 

We as SALT Minerals keep a top of the class Transglutaminase product in our range with the following advantages on your side:

Texture Improvement:

Our Transglutaminase helps your product’s texture become more preferable and valuable by increasing elasticity, chewiness, and gel strength of your finished product.

Protein Binding:

Our Transglutaminase creates strong heat-tolerant bonds between protein molecules, which provides binding ability to restructure meat pieces together.

Yield Improvement:

Our Transglutaminase starts helping you since the production process. After adding ProtiAct®, it improve the texture of your mixing product which also improves production yield at the same time.

Value Creation:

Our Transglutaminase can help you to improve quality, reduce cost, and utilize your by-product which leads to higher product value and greater sales.