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Why is the food industry intensively working on replacing titanium dioxide, TiO2 (E171)?

The background to this is the lack of consumer acceptance and the amended assessment by EFSA that the use of Titanium dioxide is no longer recognized as safe. The EFSA’s recommendation to delist TiO2 from the food ingredients list is currently checked by the risk managers of the European Commission and the EU member states.

What are the requirements for an alternative to TiO2 O2 SUBSCRIPT?

1. Brightening effect in a variety of basic STANDARD products and applications
2. Low or no NO OR VERY LOW undesirable sensory side effects as possible
3. Stability in A WIDE RANGE OF Ph’s, temperatureS and A VARIERTY OF storage conditions
4. No side reactions with other ingredients such as vitamins, flavors or colorings
5. Reasonable economics EFFECTIVE COST I USE
6. Natural product (incl. production INCLUDING THE PRODUCTION process)

What are the solutions offered by SALT Minerals?

We offer a complete product line to replace TiO2 02 SUBSCRIPT for the food industry. Our products are “ready to use” and can be used directly with the REMOVE SPACE appropriate multipliers WHAT IS MEANT ????. All our products are of natural origin and can also REMOVE ALSO be used according to BIO regulationS. In addition, all products are REMOVE SPACE considered to be harmless with regard to their use. Our OptiWhite CS product line is hardly NOT THE CORRECT WORD SLIGHTLY ?? soluble, but good enough YET ABLE to be absorbed by REMOVE SPACE the body. It THEY serves SERVE as a vital sourceS of calcium for the human body. OptiWhite CS is stable in acidic solutions and shows no negative sensory effects. OptiWhite CS is the ideal substitute for TiO2 02 SUBSCRIPT for the food industry. Our OptiWhite CC and OptiWhite MC product lines are more cost effective. TheIR stability in acidic solutions is reduced YOU DON’T MEAN REDUCED ?? in both product lines, but YET the costs (CIU) are lower. That’s why our OptiWhite CC or MC can be a REMOVE SPACE good alternative EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVES in many cost REMOVE HYPHEN sensitive product lines.